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Helping rural communities in less developed countries build sustainable drinking water supply systems.

Access to drinking water is one of the most important challenges facing the developing world.
Contaminated water is responsible for many serious health problems. Approximately 4 billion cases of diarrhea each year cause the death of over 2 million people, mostly children less than 5 years of age: 4,500 children die every day.

The combination of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygienic practices is a precondition for human health and for overall reductions in morbidity and mortality rates, especially amongst children.

It is estimated that today that 1.2 billion people have no access to safe drinking water, mostly in Africa and 2.2 billion have no access to sanitation.

To address these daunting challenges with concrete actions in the field, IDO was founded in 2009.

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AGM held in Paris on May 12, 2017......

12.05.17 - 2016 AGM Meeting
Presentation (EN)

- Successful completion of both the UNICEF and the Ville de Paris projects
- Record year in terms of repair activity (202 pumps)
- MAN GE MADJI strategy: 155 COGPE’s created

- Year III of the MAZA NA BOUALA project