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The IDO Organisation

EMAIL: info@ido-ong.org
IDO is an «Association - Loi de 190I » under French Law 

IDO has four founding members that came from the Oil and the water industry:

  - Jean Chevallier, retired from executive position in Oil Industry
  - Jacques Delouvrier, consultant to water industry
  - Philippe Lacour-Gayet, retired from executive position in Oil Industry

The persons and organizations who will support IDO's action and contribute to its development will become full or associate members, according to their level of involvement. IDO will follow the standard practice of governance for NGO, with a board of directors of 3 to 7 members. Directors are elected by the general assembly of full members. A third of the seats will be renewed every year

IDO constitutive general assembly was held on February 2nd 2009. Jean Chevallier was elected President and Philippe Lacour-Gayet Treasurer. The first general assembly was held during September 2009 to elect the board of director, whose first mission was to decide the action plans going forward.

IDO will create branches, i.e. local legal entities in the countries it operates. These branches are under the control of the board of directors who will define their mission and responsibilities

A key principle of our action is to create no harm to the existing actors of the drinking water supply industry. We want to help them, not become their competitors: we aim at creating self-sustained and durable solutions well adapted to local conditions. IDO will be fully successful only when it becomes unnecessary.

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