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- History of Project
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History of Project:
In response to a call for proposal on the part of the European Union (EU) at the end of 2012 to obtain co-financing, IDO formed a Consortium with the Council Départemental du Kouilou (The Kouala is the coastal region of the Congo), Caritas Congo (CC) and Médecins d'Afrique (MdA) with the CDK as project lead.

Title of Project: "Development of sustainable access to drinking water in the Kouilou"

The project called Maza Na Bouala (meaning "Water in the Villages") responded to this call for proposals in April 2013, to provide sustainable access to drinking water and help create some new wells (3 drilling + pumps) for certain villages disadvantaged with poor access to quality potable water. The plan includes the replacement of 12 non-repairable pumps.

A crucial action of the project is to increase awareness of the villagers in plenary meetings and the election by the villages of a local water management committee (COGPE - Comité de Gestion des Points d'Eau).

It is worth noting that almost the majority of the villages is not served by electricity and as a result, drinking water extraction is done by manual pumps or most recently by some electric pumps / solar panels.

The Project was accepted by the EU
The contract was formally signed in Brazzaville on December 19, 2013 between the an Ambassador of the EU and the President of EC of the MNB project

This project is over 4 years (Dec 2013 - Dec 2017) and the project partners will co-finance as follows:

Percent 37% 6% 4% 4% 49%

Executive Board
The Executive Board of the Maza Na Bouala has 9 members:

3 2 2 2

Project organization
The project, itself, is composed of:

CDK Seconded Project manager
Technical Manager/Assistant Chief project manager, employee
Seconded CDK finance person
Seconded CDK IT person
CC Five field technicians of Caritas Congo, rebilled to the project by CC.
MdA Five field technicians of MdA, rebilled to the project by MdA
Others Twelve technical consultants paid for by vacation
A salaried secretary

Project Logistics
-Rental of an office in Pointe Noire (including internet access)
-Purchase of 3 pickups double cab.

Project status
An Inventory was completed in June 2014 in all rural villages in the Kouilou region in the administrative area of the CDK (sub-prefectures of Hinda, M’Vouti, Loango, Madingo-Kayes, Nzambi and Kakamoeka).

Villages: 207 with total population of 131,000 inhabitants
Sub Stations: 178 Ministère des Grands Travaux /Asperbras (electric pump and solar panels).
Water Sources: 141
Wells with Pumps: 72
Cemented Wells: 8
Non-Cemented Wells: 18
Rivers: 84 As access to "potable" water.
Lakes: 7 As access to "potable" water.
Ponds 6 As access to "potable" water.

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