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IDO has operated in the provinces of Logone Oriental since late 2009, and Logone Occidental since late 2012. This area of Chad has many drilled wells equipped with hand pumps but inventories carried out between 2009 and 2011 showed that the vast majority of communities had no local water well management committee and that almost two-thirds of the installed pumps were not working. There is a reasonable supply of water from, rain, porous formations, and a water table from 10 to 80m deep.

Main type of wells are:

Wide diameter-wells:

-   1.5m diam.,  dug by hands, by villagers with Belacd supervision

-   easy to maintain but water quality is an issue

-   financed by Belacd and villages (for a small part)  



Drilled wells:

-   8 inch diam., drilled by local contractors, equipped with manual pumps

-   financed by international institutions, including Esso

-   main weakness: failure of pumps

-   repairing pumps is THE MAIN PROBLEM


Results to date
By the end of 2016, a total of 1,699 wells had been inventoried. Pump diagnostics have been performed on 1,401 wells, with 871 repairs.

Resources and Partnerships:
Volunteers from companies like Schlumberger and ESSO in N’Djamena and Kome
support operations in Chad.

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