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Esso Chad donated 2 vehicles IDO
In recent years, volunteers of IDO often work on one of the 50 water wells around the base built by Esso Chad in the Logone Oriental. To support us in this operations Esso Chad has given us 2 second hand pick-up vehicles. Messrs. Abakar Kossi and Rokoulyo Isaiah and Mr. GABA responsible for the auto pool handed over both vehicles to our team in a small official ceremony which was held in the grounds of Kome customs office.

2 new projects underway

Man Ge Madji ("The Good Water"). After 5 years of operation on the ground in the Logone-staining to help villages maintain their pumps in good working condition, we find that too many villages do maintain the appropriate infrastructure entrusted to them. IDO with Belacds Doba and Moundou developed a project that aims over a period of 18 months to set up 80 water well Management Committees. We are looking for donors who might help fund the project, which could start in 2015 and which we consider as the first phase of a much more ambitious project to develop about 1000 Managements Committees in both Logone regions.

 Man Are Gate Gate ("Pure Water"). IDO was sponsored by the Provisional Committee for Petroleum Revenue Management - "the Committee of 5%" - to carry out a study that demonstrate the causal link between groundwater acids omnipresent in the Logone Regions and the poor quality of water produced by the "India" pumps made of galvanized steel. IDO developed a project that proposes to initially rehabilitate a dozen of these water wells by replacing with India pumps containing no oxidizable parts. This project would work in tandem with the Man Ge Madji project so that management committees are in place prior to rehabilition of the pumps. In the longer term pumps sets out of order could be rehabilitated this way. IDO is seeking funding for the project, which could start in 2015

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