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Our Volunteers

One of IDO main assets are our volunteers (such as above) from local industries and local members of our partners that use their spare time to perform awareness campaigns, well diagnostics and faciltate repair. They understand local conditions and can communicate with the villagers in their local languages.

IDO Board Members

Jean Chevallier: Retired from the Oil Industry in 2009 after 38 years spent in drilling, testing, IT, field management, R&D and marketing positions. Co-founder of IDO with Philippe Lacour-Gayet, Jean is a member of the board and was elected president in 2009. Jean is also involved in other NGO activities in Africa and in France.
Philippe Lacour-Gayet: Philippe worked for more than 35 years in the Oil Industry in America, Europe and Asia, in various Research, Engineering and Operation positions. His last position was Chief Scientist of Schlumberger, from which he retired on September 1st, 2010. Philippe is one of the founders of IDO, where he is currently Treasurer.
Michel Seguin: Founded Hydro Invest in 1976 which specialised in hydrogeology and instrumentation. He led this company for 30 yrs and worked on water capture and development of associated technology. After sale of company in 2006, Michel now works as an independent consultant. Co-founder of IDO, he supports training, pumps diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance.
Jim Donegan: Worked for Schlumberger for 35 years in various positions in the Oil Industry. Since retirement in 2005, he has worked as an independent consultant in the Oil and Gas industry. Jim supports fund raising activities.
André Tréguer: Retired from the Oil Industry in 2000 after 29 years spend in drilling activity for Fore Neptune/Sedco Forex in operations mostly in Far East and Africa, R&D in France and Supply Management in Texas. He then worked for a couple of years for drilling contractor Transocean. He joined IDO late 2009.
Dominique Pajot: Retired from the Oil Industry in 2014. Initially was a Geopysicist for Total and then joined Schlumberger where he have had many international assignements as geophysicist involved in marketing, software engineering and management. Dominique joined IDO in 2014.
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