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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you may have questions related to IDO and we will attempt to populate this page with the most frequently asked questions. If your query is not addressed here, the please contact info@ido-ong.org and we will be happy to address your query.

Some Recent Questions

Is IDO a foundation?
No, IDO is not a foundation. It is an organisation that aims to empower local inhabitant to help themselves. We do not envisage performing or financing projects in Villages but instead provide the training and encourage local volunteers to finance and perform the work themselves.

How can IDO ensure that they bring sustainable solutions? Our strategy is based upon DRT: Diagnostic & Repair Training Program. It facilitates people to help themselves and to manage repair programs in the simplest and most cost effective programs. We encourage repair programs that use existing local technology and local budget constraints.

Can companies or corporations support this effort? Whereas we will continue to focus our efforts where Schlumberger and other companies’ support and cooperation exist, we will only accept donations on an individual basis. Only contributions in kind, without consideration, may be accepted from commercial companies.

You often refer to DRT - what is it? DRT stands for "Diagnostic & Repair Training" strategy which is aimed at making local villages more autonomous. It is a program to train villages to diagnose problems and plan repair programs. It also aims to help villages to find solutions to finance repairs.

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