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The IDO Organisation: Our Profile

Principles and Mode of operations

IDO is an independent humanitarian non-governmental organization whose primary objective is to help rural communities in developing countries build sustainable drinking water supplies.

Our mission is to support village populations by helping them maintain their water wells in a sustainable manner through creating an environment in which they can become self-reliant in water well maintenance programs.

Operational Strategy
IDO does not intend to be directly involved in the development of investment programs or in water-well construction projects funded international institutions. We are dedicated to the sustainable access to safe drinking water by addressing the issues that can lead to better autonomy for local populations. We cover every issue related to drinking water supply—whether that issue is human, logistical or technical—and we execute our programs in a way that leads long-term success. In this that differentiates us from the initiatives of other organizations, particularly in the context of large water well construction programs.  

The activities of IDO focus on field operations conducted in direct contact with village communities.

IDO is not a funding agency: our mission is not to finance projects. IDO will provide technical and organizational support to non-governmental organizations which are active in helping the villages secure their drinking water supply. We will sign a cooperation agreement with these organizations, to fix the rights and the duties of each partner. In particular, IDO will work under the guidance of our partners who are present continuously in the villages and will interface with the population only in the context of the partnership agreement.

Above all, IDO respects a policy of financial non-assistance. The development of autonomous communities requires that the question of their financial autonomy be addressed and solved. We believe that such autonomy only occurs when villagers decide to take over well repairs and interventions—paying all related costs. IDO therefore does not pay for pump repairs, spare parts, technical assistance or transportation to and from the well. IDO will, however, repair pumps if the villagers are willing to pay for the repair. This policy is core to our strategy.

A key principle of our action is to create no harm to the existing actors of the drinking water supply industry. We want to help them, not become their competitors: we aim at creating self-sustained and durable solutions well adapted to local conditions. IDO will be fully successful only when it becomes unnecessary.





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